DABA vertalingen is David Ari Ben-Asher.

I have many years’ experience as a professional Dutch-English legal translator based in Amsterdam. I have worked for renowned companies such as publishing house Wolters Kluwer and Baker & McKenzie, the largest law firm in the world. At Baker & McKenzie my work consisted primarily of providing legal translations and editing services. Accuracy and a feeling for style were imperative.

My native language is English. My Dutch is fluent. I am a graduate of New York Law School and after working as a lawyer in New York City I chose to pursue a career as an editor and translator. After moving to the Netherlands I continued working as an editor of English-language legal reference works and professional journals. I then joined the translation department at Baker & McKenzie where I worked for eight years as an editor and translator.

In addition to legal texts, such as procedural documents, leases, contracts, general terms and conditions, and notarial deeds, I have a great deal of experience in translating commercial texts such as correspondence, web texts, manuals and brochures. With me your texts are in good hands: I translate all assignments personally to ensure the highest possible quality. I am proficient in both British and American English.

I am used to working under pressure and meeting strict deadlines. ‘An agreement is an agreement’ is my motto.

You can read more about my background, training and experience in my CV.

If you are interested or have any questions, call or e-mail me for more information or a quotation.

DABA vertalingen. Fast, professional, reliable.